Small Business Sunday: Hidden Flair Photography

Here at Bomber Design, we appreciate the unique benefits and struggles that small business owners experience. That’s why we love to support the amazing small businesses that we have the opportunity to work with! This is the first in our series that we are calling “Small Business Sundays” where we highlight the story of a local small business. If you’re interested in being featured, contact us by clicking the link at the top of our page!

We recently had the opportunity to work with the fabulous ladies of Hidden Flair Photography, Tabbitha Akers and Amanda Meyer Penn. Together, we brought the vision of their logo to reality.


We also created an initial logo for use on proofs and on their facebook page.



They shared with us the story of how they met and how they discovered that “two creative minds are better than one!”

“We met through our mutual friend Missy Calvery at the YMCA. We quickly discovered that we had similar passions for photography. To be honest, it just all happened so fast. We started doing shoots together and discovered that we balanced each other. We each had strengths and weaknesses, and we learned a great deal from one another! We have a similar vision for capturing life with creativity and flair…we both love to travel and discover new things and to showcase life, love and happiness. We like to step outside of the box, and thoroughly enjoy pushing the boundaries with our visions. When a client trusts us completely with their wedding, for example, it drives our creativity and our passion comes alive in that moment. The spark begins, and we are off and running. We pride ourselves at being able to make our clients dreams come true, and make them in to reality.




On the business side of things, we began assisting each other in our shoots and complemented each other’s creativity nicely. This shows the most in our weddings, because we each have a keen eye for capturing the day from two points of view. One of our first weddings was a destination wedding in the White Mountains of Arizona. We had practically no sleep for two days straight, but loved every single second of it. It was a photographer’s paradise, to say the least. After shooting to our hearts content all day long, we sat down that evening for a glass of wine. We began to ponder a name for our budding business. Caught up in the fairytale of this beautiful place called Hidden Meadow Ranch, we decided to incorporate this experience in to our name somehow. That is how “Hidden” came to be.




As photographers, having the best light to shoot in is key. Flare is one way to capture a mood, a feeling, in our photographs. It is warm, peaceful, and breathtaking. Finding that sun in just the right position and directing our clients around it is our signature look. We are natural light photographers and love to find the right light for our clients. Sun flare is our signature, but we just adore how the word ‘flair’ means hidden talent. For us, finding that which is hidden is special and unique. We thrive on finding the special and unique for our clients. Flair was then chosen as the second word in our name. Hidden Flair Photography was born!




Hidden Flair Photography offers wedding, senior, and newborn photography services and specializes in unique editing. They are custom natural light photographers whose goal is to make every shoot special!

The best way to contact them is through their facebook page or their email You can also reach them by phone at (316)207-2889 or (316)641-9435.

If you mention this blog post, they will give you $25 off any sitting fee! Take advantage of this great deal and help us support local business!




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